Company Values

Local trades, global impact.

Vision: Give Industries is committed to 100% of profits being donated to the global community.

Just as we believe we can have the most impact by aligning with existing charities, we believe our targets should be guided by established and recognised international guidelines for global change. As such, we are proud to align ourselves with the Sustainable Development Goals as set up by the United Nations to attain a more sustainable world by 2030.

As the first social enterprise trade services company in Australia, Give Industries will actively support these six Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN to achieve a better and more sustainable future.

Global: Grounded in the ethos of effective altruism, we commit to 80% of profits donated to existing, highly effective charities targeting extreme poverty, malnutrition, and health. The charities are chosen based on GiveWell evidence-based recommendations for the most effective global charities, and are contributing change on a mass scale towards meeting the six UN Sustainable Development goals.

Local: At Give Industries, we know the value of our local community and the importance of being an active member. The remaining 20% of our profits is dedicated to local projects combatting homelessness in our local Brisbane and surrounds.

Workforce: We are committed to high quality health and safety standards on all our worksites, to make sure Give Industries is a safe and supportive environment for staff. We are also committed to gender equity and equal opportunity, actively encouraging and supporting a diverse workforce.

Environment: We are committed to environmental sustainability and offsetting our emissions through carbon credit purchasing. We prioritise working with sustainable and recyclable materials and aim to train our workforce to the best green practices to ensure sustainability in our projects and construction sites.

Join Us

Want to be part of a new wave of tradies? Give Industries would love to partner with you. At Give, we’re committed to paying fair wages, offering a supportive and ethical work environment for people of diverse backgrounds, and creating global change one job at a time.