What happens to profits?

Give Industries is a social enterprise grounded in ideas of effective altruism, which means we believe it matters where our dollars go.

We are committed to 100% of profits going to helping combat issues of health and poverty both worldwide and locally. 80% of our profits are sent quarterly to already existing, highly effective charities targeting global issues. The charities are chosen based on GiveWell evidence-backed recommendations for the most effective global charities.

The other 20% of profits is dedicated to local projects combatting homelessness in our local Brisbane and surrounds.

Surely there’s a catch…?

It’s a reasonable question. If we’re making so much money that we’re giving all the profit away, surely we’re charging too much?

Actually, no.

Through streamlining processes, maximising efficiency, and remaining competitive in the market place, we’re able to charge you the same or better price as a standard trades company and still donate a significant amount every quarter to the world’s most effective charities.

Your dollar, going further, to effect global change. Pretty nifty, hey?

We pay fair wages to our employees.

Our company directors are all volunteers.

We're a high efficiency operation.

Join Us

Want to be part of a new wave of tradies? Give Industries would love to partner with you. At Give, we’re committed to paying fair wages, offering a supportive and ethical work environment for people of diverse backgrounds, and creating global change one job at a time.